History and Background of the Puff & Pie Store

The catering department of Thai Airways (Public) Co., Ltd. established the Puff & Pie Bakery House store at the end of 1995 and opened the branch outside of the Rak Khun Thao Fah Building on November 19, 1997 with the objective of earning additional income and utilizing existing personnel and equipment to the greatest benefit as all parties were losing income from in-flight catering (uplift) due to the company's policy to no longer serve food on flights that do not correspond with meal times.

Thus, to respond to the aforementioned objectives, a bakery shop was opened as an experiment. The result was that the products of Puff & Pie quickly became popular with customers and brought in additional income to the department that exceeded the target initially established. This led to the department recognizing the importance of this business and a new objective was determined: that the Puff & Pie business would provide another main source of income, in addition to the income brought in from catering and the manufacturing and service of food on airplanes.

The objective above prompted the department to expand the branches of the Puff & Pie stores. In the beginning the plan was to open stores in the areas belonging to Thai Airways (Public) Co., Ltd. first of all, as a benefit to employees who could enjoy high-quality baked goods at an affordable price. Later on, due to the demand of customers, branches of the stores were opened in other areas to accommodate customers in other districts. The department then decided to expand the business to government and state enterprise offices, with special Puff & Pie stores set up in department stores and various exhibitions. All of this led to the growing and continual popularity of Puff & Pie products. Finally the department decided to expand the market by setting up a wholesale Puff & Pie stores project for outside persons interested in the bakery business, under the name Puff & Pie (Franchise), on March 1, 2007.

Most Puff & Pie stores are in the form of kiosks, with white and yellow canvas roofs as trademark. Readymade food, including Thai, Chinese and Western, are sold under the TAKE HOME label as well as Royal Orchid products manufactured and serviced by the local regional department.

We have been certified by third-party organizations to ISO 9001 Quality Management System, HACCP Food Safety System, GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices, and HALAL Food Management System.